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Board of Directors

Dr Richard Fernandes, CEO.

Dr Fernandes has extensive management experience in biotechnology-based business development and IP and technology licensing. He began his business career in the pharmaceutical industry (Schering Plough and Leo Laboratories), gaining direct experience in areas such as analytical method development, assay validation, technology transfer, and production. Dr Fernandes has previously sat on the Industrial Advisory board supporting the Irish National Research Support Fund Board. Prior to his work in industry, Dr Fernandes held post-doctoral research and lecturing positions in University College Cork, Ireland. During his academic career he published on apoptosis in a number of peer-reviewed journals.


Dr John Monahan, Chairman.

Dr Monahan founded and spent twelve years as CEO of the NASDAQ-listed biotechnology company, Avigen Inc. Building Avigen from scratch, John raised $230m in investment. He is highly regarded and experienced in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, and was appointed chairman of Luxcel in 2005.

Prior to Avigen, Dr Monahan ran numerous biotech and pharmaceutical research, preclinical and clinical programmes at a range of institutions.


Prof Dimitri Papkovsky, Non-Executive CSO.

Dr Papkovsky is an internationally recognized authority in bioanalytical chemistry, fluorescence spectroscopy, and optical oxygen sensing. He has built his reputation on his work on phosphorescent porphyrin labels, and has published more than 90 journal papers, several patents, and a book.

He is associate professor of biochemistry at University College Cork (UCC), Ireland, and is a member of several international research panels.


Prof Patrick Wall, Food Safety Advisor.

Dr Wall is the current Chairman of the Management Board of the European Food Safety Authority, and Associate Professor of Public Health, University College, Dublin. In 2003 he completed a 5 year term as the inaugural CEO of the Irish Food Safety Authority, an independent regulatory agency responsible for all aspects of food safety in Ireland, accountable to the Irish Minister of Health.

He is both a medical doctor and a veterinary surgeon and has an MBA from the UCD Michael Smurfit School of Business.


Mr. Robert Demorest, Non-Executive Director

Mr. Demorest  is the President and CEO of Mocon with over thirty years experience in the manufacturing of specialized scientific instrumentation and test systems. His work has involved evaluating material properties as used in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, packaging, coatings, petroleum, electronics, automotive, medical, plastics, and high-barrier industries. Mr. Demorest holds a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Minnesota, and is active in numerous trade associations, including ASTM, TAPPI, IOPP, ACS, and SPE. His articles have appeared in trade periodicals such as Food & Drug Packaging, Pharmaceutical Technology, the TAPPI Journal, the Journal of Film & Sheeting, and the Journal of Packaging Technology & Engineering.