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Luxcel Biosciences was founded in 2002 in Co. Cork, Ireland, to commercialise cutting-edge, porphyrin-based, phosphorescent, oxygen-sensing probes and oxygen sensors, with initial applications targeted at the pharmaceutical, food safety and packaging industries. Our aim at Luxcel Biosciences is to produce fluorescence and phosphorescence-based tools that will provide direct benefits for our customers. These benefits include increased speed and accuracy, reduced research and development (R&D) costs for manufacturers, and safer products for consumers.

We have won several industry awards, including the prestigious all-Ireland Young Company of the Year Award in 2003, and the Small Firms Association (SFA) of Ireland ‘Innovators of the Year Award for companies with 250 employees or less’ in 2005 and finalists again in 2010. Our customers range from the major global pharmaceutical companies and leading processed food manufacturers to biotechnology companies, smaller food companies, university labs and other research institutes. For example Pfizer, the world’s largest pharmaceutical company, is a key collaborator in the field of drug safety and mitochondrial toxicity screening. Several joint research publications in high impact journals have resulted from this successful collaboration.

Accessing Luxcel Biosciences’ technologies

    • We sell directly to the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, and to major food processing companies. Bulk purchase of products can be provided through supply and licensing agreements on preferential terms.
    • Luxcel is constantly seeking new ways of addressing customer needs. We are always willing to consider research and development collaborations, and co-development of new applications and products incorporating Luxcel technologies. Please contact us for more information, or if you wish to propose a collaboration.