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The MitoXpress® Xtra – Oxygen Consumption Assay [HS Method] assay provides rapid enumeration of bacterial load by measuring bacterial oxygen consumption and equating consumption rate to microbial load.

The assay is a simple ‘mix and measure’ test. Samples are prepared as for agar plates, dispensed into the wells of a standard 96-well plate together with the oxygen-sensing probe, covered with mineral oil, and measured automatically on a fluorescent reader at 30°C. The assay is based on the ability of O2 to quench the excited state of MitoXpress®, a soluble, phosphorescent oxygen-sensitive probe.


■ The test provides sensitive, rapid enumeration of bacterial load without the need to conduct lengthy and tedious colony counts on agar plates
■ Fast, simple, high throughput, assay using standard plates and fluorescent reader
■ Samples prepared, and assays run, and results obtained in a single 8 hour working shift
■ Data obtained and counts calculated automatically
■ Easy sample preparation, same as for agar plate. Total assay preparation time – under 1hr per plate (up to 96 samples)
■ TVC level 1×106 Cfu/g detected in 5.5hours, 1×108 Cfu/g detected in under 45 minutes
■ The software provides easy-to-read graphical representation of measured fluorescent profiles in real time, as shown by the examples in the figure below, allowing the operator to make visual semi-quantitative analysis.

Microbial Metabolism Application Note

      Microbial Metabolism