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MitoXpress® Intra – Intracellular Oxygen Assay

Measuring Oxygen inside the cell with MitoXpress® Intra

Molecular oxygen is the key substrate of aerobic metabolism. Knowledge of cell oxygenation is therefore central to a detailed understanding of the cellular metabolic response to a particular treatment or manipulation. Intracellular measurements have proven very difficult to date, requiring the use of invasive, laborious, low-throughput, technically challenging techniques which in turn have limited the use of such measurements within biological research.

Now for the first time, molecular O₂ can be conveniently monitored within the cell monolayer on a plate reader in a non-invasive, high-throughput manner and in real-time. This is achieved using the new MitoXpress®-Intra (NanO2) probe and provides a powerful tool for the detailed investigation to this most critical of biological parameters.



MitoXpress®-Intra (NanO2) is a powerful tool for the monitoring of cell oxygenation, mitochondrial function and the metabolic implications of cell signalling; having been shown to facilitate the real-time assessment of transient changes in cell respiration, oxygen gradients and physiological responses across a range of cell models (1-3).

Specifically, it facilitates the measurement of cellular oxygenation; a critical parameter across many fields of research including hypoxia and cancer metabolism.



  • Self penetrating ability with high self-loading efficiency
  • Suitable for a range of cell types
  • Plate reader compatible allowing the analysis of multiple samples
  • Can be used in parallel with the MitoXpress® extracellular probe.
  • Does not require specialised imaging equipment
  • Complements other intracellular parameters such as ROS and mitochondrial membrane potential


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