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Rapid microbial tests for bacterial detection

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Same-day microbial analysis for process control and product testing

The GreenLight® 900 series offers solution for every phase of R&D and production processes. Rapid determination of bacterial load, also known as Total Plate Count or Aerobic Plate Count allows:

  • Reduction in process variability
  • Better process control due to a ten-fold improvement in time-to-result
  • Reduction in preparation time, materials and waste
  • Efficient product and process validation due to increased test throughput

The core of the GreenLight series is the ground-breaking oxygen depletion sensor that detects microbial respiration and equates it to load. As bacteria in the test sample grow and respire they deplete O2 which is detected as an increase in the GreenLight® probe signal above the baseline level. The time required to reach this increase in signal is used to calculate the cfu/g of the food sample, based on a pre-determined calibration.

GL Image 9
*in pass/fail mode with external incubation
** theoretically one cell with divide and respire and be detected




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